What better way to relax after the stress of the big day than with a romantic break?


Who can resist the idea of non-stop sun and absolute serenity after the stresses and strains of organising the big day? It's no wonder that the most popular honeymoon destinations remain the exotic, far-flung destinations. Switch off your phones and enjoy your first few weeks of married life.

The five star hotels and entertainment facilities in Caribbean getaways make for the most incredible settings and are probably the ultimate newlywed destination. The traditional honeymoon spots provide unbroken golden sands and clear blue seas - perfect for relaxing.

Sun, sea and sand is not apparent in all the popular honeymoon destinations. Certainly New York doesn't have much of any of that, but it remains a huge favourite. A horse-drawn tour of Central Park can offer oodles of romance, and the restaurants, hotels and theatres are justifiably world famous. It's also, of course, the ideal place to purchase those must-have items for the marital home.

You may decide, however, that one unforgettable experience can only be followed by another Ð and safaris have become particularly popular in recent times. There's always plenty to see and you'll encounter some of the most wonderful sights on the planet. It's not something you get to do every year, so why not take the opportunity?

Looking a little closer to home, Paris and Venice remain Europe's romantic hotspots, and with good reason. The very best fashion boutiques, art galleries, opera houses and historic buildings make for a storybook setting that will start married life in the most exquisite fashion.

Of course, one other aspect of your honeymoon could be the wedding itself. More and more people are getting hitched overseas these days, and many travel specialists in Lincolnshire will tell you everything you need to know about the legalities of getting married overseas.

ItÕs highly likely your honeymoon will be the most expensive and longest holiday you'll ever take, so make sure it's as romantic and luxurious as you can make it - budget permitting, of course. If you mention it's your honeymoon while booking, you may be lucky enough to benefit from some welcome upgrades.