Whether it's a horse and carriage, a stretch limo or a vintage car, getting to your ceremony and perhaps to your reception is an all-important element of your day. Arriving in style is often of brides' minds from the get-go, what better way to wow your guests and family than with a great arrival?There's all sorts of options and most are available in abundance within the county.

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With regards to vintage cars, there are plenty of companies that will carry a whole fleet of lovingly-maintained automotive wonders for you to pick from. Whether i's the classic Rolls Royce gleaming in the sunshine, or something more unusual, there's usually someone who can help. Some couples have even plumped for a vintage fire engine or ambulance if they are in that line of work and we've seen examples of 60s and 70s camper vans giving some ceremonies a fantastically retro look!

For horse lovers, having our four-legged friends involved can look epic, but remember you'll need to pick somewhere with enough room to accommodate the animals and their owners while ceremonies or receptions are taking place. Remember they need feeding, watering and looking after so this adds to the cost too!
 Nothing beats arriving in such style but thinking through the practicalities is important too. It's often better to drive to a nearby location to the event and ride the carriage drawn by horses round the corner to prevent being caught in traffic or being late altogether. Being fashionably late is fine, just do't overdo it!