Vicky and Paul tell us how their big day was hugely memorable for all the right reasons, despite differing views

fullarticleimage300How did your relationship blossom?
Vicky: “We first met at work back in 2005 and both knew we were right for each other, but it was the wrong time. Five years on, Paul managed to track me down when we were both single. It was as if we’d never been away – but we’d lived so close to each other it was amazing we hadn’t bumped into each other before!”

Why did you decide to pop the question?
Paul: “It was quite early on in our relationship. Vicky had gone to Jamaica with her family for two weeks and I hated being without her. I vowed that would never happen again and, when I proposed, she said yes – thank goodness!”

How did you choose the venue?
Vicky: “On a country drive we passed a beautiful manor house and both decided it would be the perfect venue. When we got home we looked up Walcot Hall, found we could hold our reception there and booked it the very next day. On the day itself the marquee looked amazing in the huge grounds, and once you were inside the marquee you’d have thought you were actually in a stately home itself. The grounds were also a fabulous backdrop for the photos. We’d certainly recommend the venue to others as they were hugely relaxed and came up with plenty of excellent ideas.”

Where there any differing opinions?
Paul: “I thought the bigger, the better, as nothing was too much for Vicky – but she said she wanted a simple occasion.”

Did you enjoy planning the event?
Vicky: “Paul did the majority of the planning, but both of us enjoyed doing it. The only hiccup was when our Staffie, Taz, broke his leg, which cost us a small fortune that we started to wobble slightly! If I was to pass on any advice, I’d say that while everyone talks about keeping to a budget... forget it!”

How did it feel to walk down the aisle?
Paul: “I was very nervous, and of course she had to be late to make a statement, which didn’t help!”
Vicky: “I always get the giggles at moment like this but I just about managed to hold them in. By the time we got to the vows, though, it was deadly serious because we meant every word.”

What was the thinking behind your dress?
Vicky: “As I was getting married slightly later in life I wanted something understated, albeit with a bit of bling. That’s why I chose an off the shoulder ivory dress with Organza overlay and diamante detailing. Both our sisters were bridesmaids and wanted something sophisticated, so we went for long silver dresses with diamante detailing at one hip.”

What moments really stick in the memory?
Vicky: “Undoubtedly the biggest moment was when the Rolls broke down! My dad immediately began to roll up his sleeves and almost got as far as looking under the bonnet, much to my mum’s horror! In the end, though, we were back on the road after a few minutes.”

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Paul: “We went to Club Tarhan in Turkey, which was absolutely beautiful. An added bonus is that we met some amazing people who we’ve managed to keep in touch with now we’re back in the UK.”

Who were the people who helped most?
Vicky: “Both our families were amazing and were really proud to have joined together. Cindy and Carol at Walcot made sure everything ran smoothly and nothing was too much trouble. We didn’t find out the name of the lady who made the cake but it was absolutely fantastic. My friend Leanne made a fabulous job of my hair and I’m particularly grateful to the boys who took Paul to the Costa Brava for his stag do and got him back in one piece!”

How are you finding married life?
Vicky: “It’s absolutely fabulous! Nothing’s really changed, though – we’ve always been a good team and keep each other grounded, and we’ve always understood we were meant to be together.”